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Cleaning your Rod and Reel

Adding Life To Your Fishing Reels

The only thing we can think of when fishing season comes…is..well…fishing.  But before you throw your equipment into the back of your pickup consider taking an hour to clean your rod and reel.  Cleaning your fishing gear can add years of life to your equipment, and save you money. 

Some fisherman might consider cleaning their gear to be like surgery, complex and difficult with lots of tools to buy, but it’s actually relatively simple to do, and most, if not all, the tools you’ll need are things that are lying around your house. 

First collect your cleaning equipment, You’ll need a 4-5 clean towels and a handful of q-tips.  Get some paper towels from the kitchen, and a can of W-D 40.  Next, you’ll need a standard Phillips head screwdriver, some soap and a tube of reel grease.

Cleaning your rod is the easiest, so do that first, since it will need time to dry.  Simply take one of your rags and clean the rod with a damp rag, with a bit of soap dabbed onto it.  Wrapping the towel around the rod and sliding it from eye to eye is the best way to do this, taking a corner of the towel to clean above and below the eyes.  Don’t worry about cleaning the eyes with the rag as we’ll do that in a second. Finally, dry off the rod lightly with the rag, making sure the soap is gone and set it in a corner to dry completely.

Now we’re going to use q-tips to clean out the eyes.  Spray a bit of WD-40 on the head of the q-tip.  Pay special attention to any eyes where the q-tip gets caught and the cotton pulls loose, as this could be a sign of a damaged or broken eye.  Finally, dry off the rod lightly with the rag, making sure the soap is gone and set it in a corner to dry completely. 

Now, we’ll clean the reel.  First, remove the handle.  Most handles are removed by either turning the handle counter-clockwise and pulling it out, or by removing a hand-tightened screw on the upper elbow of the handle.  Once the handle is out, take your WD-40 rag and wipe it down completely, as well as the hole that the handle came out of.

Next, turn your reel over and look at the bottom. There should be four screws that are holding the reel casing in place.  Use your screwdriver to remove the screws and clean the holes out with WD-40 on a q-tip.  Now, remove the bottom of the casing.  You’ll see the gear that make up your fishing reel.  Take a q-tip and remove any dirt, debris or sand that you can see inside the reel.  Next, dab some reel grease on a q-tip, or you can use the tube to deposit a few drops onto the moving gears in the reel. Now spray the bottom casing of your reel with WD-40, and wipe it out completely with a rag.

Finally, use WD-40 again to clean the outside of the reel.  I recommend just spraying some WD-40 on a cloth as opposed to spraying down the entire reel, but it’s up to you. 

That’s the whole process.  See, it was quite easy – nothing like brain surgery.  Do this once a year or more and you’ll be able to pass your reels and poles down to your children if you want, as it will add years of life to your rod and reel.